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Disk Wiper Tool

Disk Wiper Tool Data wiper tool permanently removes data from hard disk, pen drive and USB drive disk. Disk cleaning software permanently cleans data from hard disk, USB drive, multimedia memory card, memory stick, pen drive, zip drive and smart card. Data removal tool removes recently used MS office documents like word, excel, power point, access files. Features: * Data cleaning software cleans internet activity history files like temporary internet files, cached files, search history, cookies etc. * Disk clean up utility supports both FAT

Hard Disk Sentinel Linux 0.03: Hard Disk Drive and SSD health, temperature and performance information, reports
Hard Disk Sentinel Linux 0.03

USB hard disks connected to motherboard or external controller cards. The user must be root to use this software or start it with sudo. List of features: - display hard disk / solid state disk information on the terminal - create comprehensive report about the disk system, including both hard disk and SSD specific features (for example, media rotation rate, TRIM command, etc.) - display and manage acoustic setting of hard disks (on supported USB

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ITsoulCreator This is the best auto-backup and save tools.

Common features : Product functionality consists of backup, recovery, boot sector recovery, recovery into a new hard disk. Automatic detection of various OS and storage device. Working 100% outside of virus invasion and hacking. Automatic initializing and resizing of a partition when replacing a hard disk due to a shortage of a system disk. No installation. Low level format of harddisk.(using "dd" command)

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Removable Disk Repair Software USB drive data repair software rescue lost or corrupted pen drive files
Removable Disk Repair Software

USB drive file restore wizard undelete all digital data after an accidental deletion, a format process, or from corrupt media. Professional removable disk recovery software is most efficient data recovery utility that performs read-only operations on your removable media and stores the recovered files to the location you specified. Utility support recovery from wide quality of portable USB media storage devices such as zip drive, key chain disk,

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Cryptic Disk Professional Edition Encryption of physical and virtual disks on HDDs, USB drives, memory cards.
Cryptic Disk Professional Edition

disk in encrypted form, and decrypted when read. Encrypted virtual and physical disks are mounted as separate disks attached to a drive letter of your choice, or an ordinary folder on NTFS disks. They do not have any special markers which give away that they are, in fact, an encrypted disk. Addition protection can be provided using steganography, by creating hidden encrypted disks inside of other ones. Encryption is performed in XTS mode, developed

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FlashBack 3: The simplest way to back up your flash drive and protect your files.
FlashBack 3

USB drive. Just one double-click and a copy of the drive is zipped up onto your desktop - files and folders included. This ensures that if the drive is subsequently lost or damaged, there are recent copies of the files to revert to. FlashBack`s ease of use means it`s easy to keep an up-to-date back-up of your flash / USB drive. FlashBack is so easy to use it doesn`t even have an installation program, it`s just one file! There is no need to install

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Take-Away USB Flashdisk Encryption Encryption for USB pendrives.
Take-Away USB Flashdisk Encryption

The USB Flashdisk Encryption makes your files secure. Its easy to use. Just copy the program to your flashdisk, set it up by typing in your password and you are ready to go.

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